There Are Some People...

Photographic Album from People With Rheumatoid Diseases Association Of Crete

The Protagonists


I want to wake up a morning and not be in pain! What if pain in the Crucifix is heavenly, I do not have the strength to withstand it!!! I want to wake up a morning and run in the streets with the kids!! To take an old camera and film my life, as it is now, to believe, that it is not real and my reality is in whatever I dream, in whatever I desire, in whatever I hope!!!!! As for the title I would give it, it would be the poet's lines : If pain is humane , we are not humans, just to be in pain!!!

There are some people
that tamed the flame of pain…
There are some people
... and rewinded the watch of time!
There are some people
.... like a scene from an old cinema movie!
There are some people
… always await optimistically !
There are some people
… and even if some of the rose petals of youth
were lost in the passage of time…
There are some people
… the garden of their soul
remains forever blooming!