There Are Some People...

Photographic Album from People With Rheumatoid Diseases Association Of Crete

Katerina Koutsogianni

The Instigator Of The Project

There are some people that did not choose to live every day with pain, immobility and helplessness. They chose however, to transform these hardships into strength, joy and optimism about life, artistic creation. When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as a 29 years old young woman with dreams and lust for life, creations and new experiences I could not accept that this difficult disease would accompany me for all my life, preventing me from living my life the way I wanted to. At first I almost hated that ill-natured companion that came all of a sudden, without any warning to turn my life upside down and take my dreams away from me! But with time I made peace with it, almost conquered it and I can now say that I feel lucky it came to my life. Lucky because I got to learn myself better, came face to face with my powers and understood the incredible power that we all have inside waiting for the opportunity to come out. Lucky because I met all these extraordinary people that made the impossible possible! Nikos, Sofia, Stella, Eleni, Marianna, Irina, Amalia, Vaggelio, Elpida and so many others that overcome everyday difficulties with courage and dignity and transform them into creation and work. So meet these people and try to understand with the help of these magnificent photographs their pain, their effort but most of all the power that all these people have inside of them. Our people!