There Are Some People...

Photographic Album from People With Rheumatoid Diseases Association Of Crete

The Protagonists


When I wake up I see the sun and I smile at it and I am sure my day is going to be fine! When I was diagnosed I used to take strength from that smile and started talking with flowers, with the water, with my favorite dog, Moli... with everyone! One day I started making dolls and talk to them. Each of them has it's own unique character. I give them names and ask them if they like the clothes I make for them. Others are in a hurry and happy with what I make, others on the other hand play hard to get! As long as my hands are working and I create, I fill my soul! I have so many things I like to do during the day! I forget my disease and I have neither the time or the mood to pay any attention to it... and I smile once again in the sun!

There are some people
that created their own admirable world!
... and they were the lead actors in the
puppetry of life!
There are some people
… that wore laces, silk and gave color
to the performance of their life!
There are some people
… marching alongside invaluable friends!